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Equitable By Design

This guide recognizes and respects "other ways of knowing," or people's lived experiences, understanding that science is still catching up on its knowledge of what works for historically marginalized groups. This book invites participation in creating welcoming environments for Black families and their children. It provides processes that begin with the abundance within families and communities in mind, transfers power, builds capacity, and fosters collective responsibility and collective decision-making. These processes offer the possibilities for increasing the safety and belonging of Black families and students, improving student learning and well-being, transforming systems within schools, and developing strategic partnerships that build upon the knowledge, expertise, and experiences of Black people.

$24.99 + Shipping and Handling

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"This is a must-read resource book for anyone interested in helping Black and African American children reach their full academic potential."
— Dr. Greg Richardson, Director, Watson and Associates Literacy Center, California State University

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